2015 At A Glance

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Spay Day USA

Woodford Humane turns 40!

Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

National Kids & Pets Day

MAY 3-9
Be Kind to Animals Week

MAY 23
6th Annual Woodford Wag 

National Adopt-A-Cat Month

Take your Dog to Work Day

International Homeless Animals Day

National Dog Day

Sniff 'N Mingle at Lexington Green

Adopt-A-Dog Month

Canine Olympics at Woodford County Park

Iron Horse Half Marathon in Midway

National Cat Day

Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month

Holiday Adoption Drive


Humane Education For Teachers and Parents

If you’re looking for a way to bring information about animals, empathy, and safety into your classroom or group, we want to help you do it! Browse the classroom programs below, or make a special request; we are happy to cater to your needs and share the message of humane treatment for all animals and smart, responsible pet care with your students.

Classroom Programs

People and pets: We’re a lot alike! (Pre-K – K)
Lay the groundwork for a basic respect and empathy for animals by emphasizing the things we all share: that we all grow and grow up, eat and drink, play and exercise, need love, and have feelings. Students enjoy an interactive lesson as we sketch out the various things we share on the white board

What does it mean to be humane?
A great lesson in empathy, this program focuses on teaching the impact of our actions on those around us, including animals. It emphasizes the value of animals of all kinds – pets, wildlife, and livestock – and the different ways we can treat them with respect and compassion. Includes a reading of "Hey, Little Ant" by Phillip and Hannah Hoose.

Animal Talk
Understanding what animals are telling us with their bodies, and what we tell them with ours, is a big step towards safe interaction with animals! Bite prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs that animals give us, and knowing when to stay away. This program takes students through the body language signals that tell us if a dog or cat is happy, scared, or aggressive one by one, and then put their knowledge to the test with example photos that they can analyze as a class, in groups, or individually.

Nutrition (Upper Elementary)
What really goes into pet food? Our nutrition lessons teach the basics of how to read a pet food ingredients list and understand what separates the good foods from the bad. This program also includes a lesson on advertising, as students learn that looking at the packaging of pet food does not give an accurate representation of the quality of the food.

Pet Suitcases
A fun, interactive way to learn about everything that it takes to take great care of a pet! Students explore the items in our two pet suitcases, one that contains everything you need to take care of a dog, and one that contains everything you need to take care of a cat, and discuss the importance of each item. This lesson addresses everything from ID to nutrition to veterinary care.

Educational Tours of the Adoption Center
A field trip option that we can tailor for any age level! Visitors learn a little about the history of Woodford Humane, pet overpopulation, where our pets come from and how shelters work. If desired, visitors can interact with a child-friendly dog selected by staff, and spend time in our cattery.

Paws to Read
Join us and the certified therapy dogs of Love On A Leash at the Woodford County Library on the second Saturday of each month for a reading program that is tons of fun! Paws to Read lets kids practice their literacy skills by reading to a furry audience of one. Dogs make great listeners, and their non-judgmental nature gives young readers a chance to build confidence in their reading abilities and have a great time doing it!