To Surrender a Pet

In order to ensure that we can devote personal attention to you and have space ready for your pet, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 859.873.5491. A $50 intake donation will be requested, which will help us provide food, shelter, medical care, toys, bedding and love for as long as it takes to find your pet a new home.

We know that the decision to give up your pet can be very painful and emotional. Have you explored all of your options first? A behaviorist can make all the difference in the world if your pet is misbehaving; consult with your veterinarian, or visit our Tips & Training Page for helpful hints. Understand that you are the whole world to this pet, and that bringing him or her to our facility will be sad and confusing for him or her. If you have exhausted all options and feel you have no choice, allowing us time to plan for the arrival of your pet will help the process will go more smoothly. Please bring along as much information about your pet as possible to help us do the best job we can in placing your pet. You will be relinquishing all ownership rights to your pet to us.

We provide shelter and care for owner-surrendered pets as well as unclaimed stray animals from Woodford County Animal Control. We accept all animals in need, regardless of their temperament, health status, origin, age or breed, as long as space permits. Our facility is home to more than two hundred animals at any given time. Adoptable animals are housed at the Adoption Center or in foster homes. We have no time limit for adoptable animals to find their new home.

Why do we ask for a surrender donation? We spend an average of $570 per pet in our care. Although we have wonderful and generous supporters and donors, we receive no government funding to help offset the cost of caring for your pet. The $50 surrender donation will help us take care of your pet; of course donations of any size are always welcome!


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