photo by Richard Labunski

Holly, a gorgeous, long haired, black and white cat was constantly overlooked as she hid in her cage in our old facility. When we moved Holly into our new Adoption Center, she came out of her shell immediately! Within days, Holly was adopted!

The day of her adoption, Pudgy, an adorable American Bull Terrier mix, walked out to the car with her new family. But before Pudgy got in the car, she turned and pulled back towards our Adoption Center with her tail wagging. It was her special way of saying thanks for her “New Leash on Life.”

We moved into our Adoption Center in 2006 and have maintained an astonishing adoption rate of 92%! Today, we are so pleased that success stories like Holly’s and Pudgy’s are the norm. They are made possible by this awesome facility.

The Adoption Center is filled with hope, fun and love as happy purrs and wagging tails greet you. Dog feature rooms are so cozy; you may just catch our adoptable dogs snoozing with classical music in the background. Dog Play Yards allow for plenty of fun and exercise. Cat Rooms offer special interaction with our feline friends – free of cages. When you enter a Cat Room, you can sit and play with happy cats. Natural light and custom built fixtures provide play and exercise. Our Adoption Center is filled with progressive features that help us keep things clean and sanitized for the animals.

Our Receiving Center is an unsung hero! We can now spend the quiet time necessary with incoming pets, who are often scared or confused. We have the space to nurture them as we evaluate their health and temperament. We can now contain contagious diseases that have devastated animal facilities across the nation. We are so grateful to report that our adoptable pets remain happy and healthy here, for as long as they need, until they find their special, forever home!

You may think of visiting a “shelter” as a sad experience, and may have not visited us for this reason. We invite you to join us in replacing the word “shelter” with the words “Adoption Center” when you think of the Woodford Humane Society as it best reflects our success for so many animals. We truly can offer a “New Leash on Life” and we hope you come out to experience it.


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Building 8-13-08 002.jpg (106580 bytes)

Building 8-13-08 001.jpg (122433 bytes)

Adoption Center original building renovated
into Receiving Center
Adoption Center

adoption center lobby.jpg (69088 bytes) Adoption Ctr colony.jpg (75319 bytes) 8-22-06 kennel.jpg (110248 bytes)
Adoption Center lobby Cageless Cat Colony Kennel

dog feature room 001.jpg (71349 bytes) cat colony resident.jpg (69304 bytes) hallway view.jpg (67466 bytes)
Dog Feature Room Cageless Cat Colony Adoption Center lobby

dog play yard 001.jpg (147806 bytes) happy colony residents.jpg (84720 bytes) dog feature room.jpg (79168 bytes)
Dog Play Yard Cageless Cat Colony Dog Feature Room

laundry.jpg (60768 bytes) view into cat colonies.jpg (58291 bytes) dog yards.jpg (65581 bytes)
Laundry View into Cat Colony from Lobby Dog Play Yards

vestibule sign.jpg (68342 bytes) dog play yard.jpg (182469 bytes)
Entry sign thanking donors Dog Play Yard

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