$25 Membership
  • $25 coupon to the Bronte Bistro
  • $10 coupon for every $200 you spend in the bookstore
  • $10 coupon for every $200 you spend in the Bistro
  • 30% discount on Hardcover Bestsellers & select new CD & DVD releases.
    (10% more than standard discount!)
  • 20% discount on Staff Picks & Book Club picks. (10% more than standard discount!)
  • A free breakfast, lunch or dinner entree in the Bistro on your birthday
  • Exclusive member-only events and discounts throughout the year.
  • Best of all, a percentage of all your bookstore purchases will be donated to the animals!

The Gives Back Program
Joseph-Beth Booksellers is proud to be your independent community bookstore. They provide a welcoming place that enhances learning, creates lively conversations and inspires fun for the whole family. They also take an active role in supporting our community, through creative partnerships, school book fairs, and many other programs. They want to help keep our community strong and growing. Now, they are very excited to be able to take that support to a whole new level.

With your help, Joseph Beth is Giving Back even more! Your Gives Back membership will not only allow you to enjoy savings, but it will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of everything you spend gets donated to the animals! You can feel good knowing that more of your dollars are staying right here at home, supporting our community!

See all the Rewards and Benefits that come with the program listed to the left.

How to Join
Sign-up in person at the bookstore. Simply visit the store and tell the cashier when you check out that you want to join the program. Don't forget to renew your membership at the end of your first year.

How it Works
As a member you will receive a Gives Back Card and two keytags. To earn rewards your membership card must be presented each time you check out in the Bookstore and the Bronte Bistro.





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